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Advertising Blimps made in USA.

     Most small businesses have limited if any funds dedicated to an advertising campaign. Advertising blimps can be the answer.
     It seems that after leasing the space, decorating the store and stocking it there is nothing left to get the word out that you're open. This businessman says if you have $500.00 left get an advertising blimp. Instant promotion and 24 hour exposure makes it your best bet. One hundred and twenty feet high in the air and brilliant it's a giant sign in the sky.
      If you want to be noticed put that advertising blimp 100 feet above your business. People can see advertising blimps for blocks if not miles.

advertising blimps
      The first hour that advertising blimps is in the air you will receive people curious about your business. That's all you need to get the local "BUZZ" started.
     Our advertising blimps company has many products in stock ready for you to buy them, many sizes and very cheap advertising blimps starting $461. Can't afford an advertising agency? Do what many businesses do try an advertising blimps.
      Buy a newspaper ad, place a radio spot and invite the mayor to the "Grand Opening" if you can, but if you have a small budget or no budget get advertising blimps.

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